“Valentina’s Diapers Mission” special offer 3 CDs x 20 euro


To celebrate the birth on August 5th of my beloved second daughter Valentina I would like to offer 3 CDs x 20 euro of the available items at the shop:

Albireon “Mr. Nightbird Hates Blueberries” feat David E. Williams, Sonne Hagal, Lloyd James etc. CD
Albireon “I passi di Liù” CD
Albireon “I passi di Liù” CD+DVD
Albireon “Indaco ep” (feat Ian Read + Sonne Hagal) MCD
Albireon “Il volo insonne” CD digipack
First Human Ferro + Albireon “Prosa Profana” digipack
The Blue Project “Adrift”
Oda Relicta feat. Albireon, Lonsai Maikov, Dissonant Elephant “Czarstvo Dukha “ Cd digipack

Choose 3 CDs, pay 20 euro by paypal at d.borghi1@virgilio.it and that’s all. Shipping included! Hurry up, some of the items are in single copy!

For any additional info, or just to tell me how cute Valentina is you can write to d.borghi1@virgilio.it



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