Albireon rocks at Wave Gothic Treffen 2014!



Take  a look at the picture showing Davide calling for audience’s support during “La spusa de striun”, and you’ll get some clue about the overall atmosphere at the Altes Landrasamt of Leipzig during Albireon’s gig on 7th June 2014.

Albireon played in front of a big and warm audience for the neo folk happening of the 23rd Wave Gothic Treffen, and got an enthusiastic feedback from the crowd with their mix of powerful folk/rock songs and dances and atmospheric subconscious ballads.

Albireon hit the WGT stage in full line up including Elia Albertini (bass guitar) and Lorenzo Borghi (Drums) flanking Albireon’s founding members Stefano Romagnoli (laptop), Carlo Baja Guarienti (Keyboards) and Davide Borghi (Voice and guitar).

Albireon’s set was based on last album “Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli” but spanned over their five full lenght albums and was also enriched by Oliver from Sonne Hagal singing “Shrimpy among the stars” and “Ala di falena” together with Davide.

The neo folk day of WGT was also graced by amazing concerts by Sonne Hagal, Argine, Sieben, I-M-R and lot of good times on and backstage and meet and greet with old and new friend coming from all over the world

Albireon set list at WGT 2014

1. Canto del vento lontano
2. Nel nido dei ragni funamboli
3. Mr. Nightbird hates blueberries
4. Il deserto dei tartari
5. Nineta
6. Fiabe di rugiada
7. Anime d’autunno
8. Cerbastri
9. Through winter fires
10. Shrimpy among the stars + Sonne Hagal
11. La spusa de striun
12. Ala di falena + Sonne Hagal
13. Prima del buio

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