“Memento Albus, Silentio et Quieti” Festival


May 9th 2015 will be a date to remember for Albireon! The performance at the “Memento Albus, Silentio et Quieti” Festival in Frascati, near Rome, was an unforgettable event thanks to a magnificent stage set, perfect sound and light engineering, a warm audience coming from all over Europe and an heartfelt tracklist spanning though the whole Albireon discography. We also had a chance to introduce 3 new songs from the forthcoming new album “L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” which received many amazing feedback,  with “Gli Aironi” as emotional highlight of the whole set. Moreover, sharing stage with wonderful acts and old friends such Ataraxia, Camerata Mediolanense and Argine was an honour, a pleasure and a source of many good laughs aswell. Our deepes gratitude will go to Paolo Mosca for putting all his heart and soul onto this beautiful events and all the people that made this night so special. Albireon performed in Frascati with the classic trio line up (Carlo, Stefano and Davide) and played the following trackist:

1-Canto del vento lontano 2-Nel nido dei ragni funamboli 3-La spusa de striun 4-Prima del buio 5-Il deserto dei Tartari 6-Gli Aironi 7-Anime d’autunno 8-Mr. Nightbird hates blueberries 9-Through winter fires 10-Fiabe di rugiada 11-Sentieri di crinale 12-Shrimpy among the stars 13-Cerbastri

Picture by Giacomo Elettrodo

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