Ekra “A Shelter For Stolen Teddybears” cd


“A Shelter For Stolen Teddybears” is the nicely titled second album of Albireon’s side project Ekra and it’s out now on Looney-Tick Productions.

The album feature 11 songs of broken folk,  silly ambient and heartbreaking distorted vocals and it’s strictly connected to Davide’s personal experience as a “stillborn wannabe”, caught in a shadow zone in the middle between birth and death, love and rejection, will to live and drifting toward non-existence.

“A Shelter For Stolen Teddybears” was released on pro-printed cd-r and graced by the Amazing artwork of Fabrice Billard.

An emotional, harsh self cathartic experience…Try it by getting the album  here: eamfcart.blogspot.it

Limited edition of 100 copies.

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