Albireon and Omne Datum Optimum “Fragments…” split cd out now!

Albireon joined forces with french neoclassic/avantgarde project Omne Datum Optimum for a special winter gathering of bittersweet, epic, melancholic songs with a deep touch of longing for a lost innocence and forgotten bliss. This beautiful album includes unreleased songs, alternative versions and collaborative tracks and was released by FragmentXXI Records on 21.05.2106. “Fragments…” comes in a luxurious A5 digipack format limited to 191 handnumbered copies. The cover feature an exclusive picture of photographer Lorenzo Borghi


This album is available writing to (13 euro + shipping)

Tracklist :

Albireon – A Harvest Of Frostflowers

1 – The Poet And The Warrior

2 – Tra Gli Asfodeli

3 – Nubi

4 – Gli Equiseti (Green Spiders – 2016 version)

5 – Cerbastri (White Crocuses for Dori

Omne Datum Optimum / Albireon – The Winter Gathering

6 -Interlude

Omne Datum Optimum – Some Songs From The Book Of Bliss

7 – Chanson du Roi Renaud

8 – Lament

9 – Crusaders Anthem

10 – Sanathanorium

11 – O Mon Bel Ami…(you never loved me)



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