Albireon live in Milan and Munich


The picture was taken by our great friend Bard of Oberon at the Garage De Luxe in Munich on 30.10.2016, and will be the iconic image of this short 2-gigs mini tour across Europe supporting Sol Invictus.

The two gigs, at Serraglio Club in Milan (29.10.2016) and Garage De Luxe in Munich (30.10.2016) were a full success for Albireon who played a selection of songs mainly taken from “L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” and “Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli” for  a warm and supporting audience.

The Munich gig featured Death In Rome as very special opening act and Lorenzo Borghi on “La Spusa De Striun” drumming with Davide, Stefano and Carlo.

Goes without saying that was a pleasure and an honour to share stage and the long roadtrip through the autumnal Dolomites Alps  with legendary Sol Invictus and we will treasure forever this amazing experience.

Albireon setlist was the same for both gig :

  1. Canto Del Vento Lontano
  2. Nel Nido Dei Ragni Funamboli
  3. Through Winter Fires
  4. Gli Aironi
  5. La Spusa De Striun
  6. Prima Del Buio
  7. L’Inverno E L’Aquilone
  8. Sentieri Di Crinale
  9. Mr.Nightbird Hates Blueberries
  10. Il Deserto Dei Tartari

Our deepest gratitude goes to all who made this experience possible! You rule!

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