20 Years Of Albireon

20 years ago, today, I was sitting in my room, crying for the split of The Path, my dark/doom band, after 7 years of amazing music.

I was hopeless, frustrated, defeated.

A friend of mine, Luca Sillari, went to see me and found me in a miserable mood, and invited me to join him at an astronomical night up in the Apennine Mountains.

That very last night I saw through a powerful telescope the magnificent Alfa-Star of the Cygnus Constellation, an amazing double star with a golden and an azure heart.

I was overwhelmed by a flow of emotions that droves me almost to tears again. I felt that as long as I was still able to feel beauty, passion and pain I still would be able to make music again.

I got home, late the same night, and started to write some soft music with my acoustic guitar.

Albireon was born…

Carlo and Stefano joined some time later, offering their sensitivity and amazing creative inputs.

Songs, records, concerts, collaborations with artists we loved and admired…Albireon was a dream fulfilled and still is.

Thank you all who helped us to survive until’ today.

Thank you all!

Albireon 20 year - D

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