Albireon / Zeresh ‘No Longer Mourn For Me’ split CD

Albireon are back with a new, heartbreaking album, this time together with Holy Land´s Folk/Doom master Zeresh. ´No Longer Mourn´ for me it´s some kind of a follow up to 2010´s ´Mr. Nightbird Hates Blueberries´, where the scars of love are no more hidden in black humour or fictitional characters but are instead fully exposed in their frightening beauty.

Hard times requires harsh words and cutting sounds.

Doomy acoustic guitars, ambient soundscapes, the beautifully intertwined voices of Davide and Tamar Singer, and guest appearances by Pablo of Sangre De Muerdago, DaviDaviDolev of Gunned Down Horses and Michael Zolotov of Kadaver makes this an essential item for those into emotional sad acoustic music.

A videoclip has been filmed by Tamar Singer himself for the song ´Air From Afar´.

Tracklist :

1 Albireon – Heartbroken Remembrance

2 Albireon – A Withered Kingdom

3 Albireon – The Day You Poured Your Wasted Dreams In My Heart

4 Albireon- My Lazy Triumph

5 Zeresh – Air From Afar

6 Zeresh – The Vague

7 Zeresh – Halls Grew Darker

8 Zeresh – No Longer Mourn For Me When I´m Dead

9 Zeresh – The Aftermath (If I Shall Meet Thee)

The album is released by Toten Schwan in a 100 copies limited edition cd digipack 6 panels.

Orders here :


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