About Albireon



Albireon is an italian neo folk/experimental musical project established in Summer 1998 by Davide Borghi, Carlo Baja Guarienti and Stefano Romagnoli.

Through almost 20 years of activity Albireon  released 6 full lenght cds, 1 mcd, 1 split cd with Omne Datum Optimum, 1 split 10″ with Sonne Hagal, 1 collaborative 7″ with Tony Wakeford and some cd-r and demo tapes through labels like Old Europa Cafe, Cynfeirdd, Palace of Worms, Infinite Fog and Final Muzik with worldwide distribution.

Albireon contributed some songs for a dozen of wellknown compilations and samplers and Albireon were featured with interviews and reviews on many paper and web magazines.

Albireon made some very selected and succesful live appearances sharing the stage with acts like Death in June, Sol Invictus, Die Weisse Rose, Sonne Hagal, Rome, Sieben, Roma Amor, Naevus, Paul Roland, Ataraxia, Argine, Camerata Mediolanense and many others including a special concert at Leipzig’s 2014 WGT.

Collaborations with international artists like Sol Invictus’ Tony Wakeford, Fire+Ice’s Ian Read, Sonne Hagal, David E. Williams, First Human Ferro, Bard Titlestad (Oberon/Future Whirl) and many others enriched Albireon’s discography.

Albireon is our path through the acoustic poetry of italian songwriters, the energy and strenght of neo folk, the gloomy and eerie mood of insutrial and ambient soundscapes and the timeless heartbreaking melodies of traditional emilian music.

Albireon is a place were we let our subconscious speak about dreams and nightmares, hopes and fears, oblivion and remembrance, to shape our music and lyrics.

Albireon is our fragile shield against the deep frightful shades of the black sun and our endless hope in the light of day.

For any contact and info about the band and available cds write to d.borghi1@virgilio.it


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