2000 Intimations of Immortality V – Energeia (“Estel”)

2001 My Kingdom – Vampiria Mag (“Ocean chrysalis”)

2001 Per:version vol.II – :Ritual: Mag (“Chaosinsomnia”)

2002 Poupees – Cynfeirdd (“Amniosphere”)

2004 Le Neuvième Primtemps – Cynfeirdd (“Learning to breathe”)

2005 Neither beginning, nor end – Cynfeirdd (“Il sole nero”)

2005 Songs for Aliènor-Music for a new born daughter – Cynfeirdd (“Danza del risveglio”)

2007 The Appeal of Discarded Orthodoxy-A Tribute to David E. Williams – Old Europa Cafe (“No fun anymore”)

2008 OEC 100 – Old Europa Cafe (“Un cavallo senza nome”)

2008 Program – Final Muzik (“Spighe”)

2008 Nikolaevka – Palace of Worms (“Il deserto dei Tartari-Nikolaevka version”)

2010 With friends like these… – Tursa (“Cerbastri – remix 2009”)

2013 Heart of Gold-A tribute to Woods of Ypres-(“Retrosleep in the morning calm”)

2014 Nada Que Perder: Una Celebración de Ô Paradis – Disques de Lapin (“Las Vias Del Viento II”)

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