Albireon Live in Bologna 27.05.2016


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“Gli Aironi” Videoclip


We are  working  with Director Roberto Bulgarelli at our second professional videoclip for the heartmoving new song “Gli Aironi”.

The video will be shot in Verona and Parma with the help of actor Mario Aroldi and Maria Chiara and will be probably available in May 2016.

Stay Tuned!

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Albireon live in London


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“L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” reviews and feedback


Two months after its release, we can only humbly thanks all friends who supported us by buying the De Luxe or the standard cd editions of “L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” and for sending us such amazing feedbacks…Someone said our album could represent a neo folk milestone in a period of time without great other releases in our musical niche, and we are nothing but proud of it!
We also got some amazing review and felt it was about time to prepare a short summary with some selected quotes…And here we go!
“A due anni di distanza da “Le fiabe dei ragni funamboli”, gli Albireon ritornano con una nuova gemma neofolk che, pur subendo l’influenza delle sonorità di mostri sacri come Forseti ed Of The Wand and the Moon, con il suo approccio genuino riesce a creare il suo spazio e collocarsi tra le migliori uscite del genere” (Rosa Selvaggia – January 2016)
“Prevalgono le affinità con il contingente germanico, con cui condividono inflessioni volentieri crepuscolari, come subito attesta l’ottima accoppiata iniziale costituita dal brano che battezza la raccolta e da Sentioeri Di Crinale, che pure non rinuncia a bell’impeto (…) Altrettanto efficace è l’immediatezza lirica di Costellazioni e Nel Regno Di Erevlost (…) e l’ispirata Through Winter Fires” 7/10 (Paolo Bertoni – Blow Up Magazine March 2016)
“I liked the album after the first listen, at least the first six songs. Nice catchy melodies, a charming atmosphere and an honesty that I felt throughout my whole body in each and every second of this album. But something was missing. (…) But then “Kezia” came and I shivered for the first time. Apparently nothing new under the sun: acoustic guitar, voice and a simple keyboard melody. But what a mood they managed to create, intensified by strange noises in the background and distorted, desperate screams in the second half of the song.” (Santa Sangre Magazine – March 2016)
“Albireon estende la sua poetica oltre la semplice codifica neo folk psichedelica abbracciando melodie quasi battistiane (Gli Aironi) e ricavando suggestive arie cameristiche o arcaico ambientali(…) Intenso intimismo” 7/10 (Stefano Morelli – Rumore Nr. 289 Febbraio 2016)
“Un folk chitarristico e ricamato con tastiere ed effetti, tra Forseti e Pilori, Sol Invictus e Nebelung; nelle brume di un’Europa melanconica, rispetto al passato “L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” si propone in vesti più rappresentative del neofolk classico, portatori di un background corposo, amati non solo dalla loro Emilia, espansi in tutta un’Europa che non si nasconde dietro il velo dell’apparenza ma della sostanza.” (Sounds Behind The Corner – January 2016)
“L’Inverno e l’Aquilone è un arcobaleno di generi musicali: sperimentazioni, rumori, cantautorato, neofolk e venature pop continuano a sbocciare e a mischiarsi in un crescente unico. Le stesse emozioni comunicate ricordano le stagioni di mezzo, come l’autunno, dove momenti malinconici e nostalgici si fondono con vortici di colori, speranza e l’attesa di nuove primavere.” (Impatto Sonoro – Marzo 2016)
“Ascolti L’inverno e l’aquilone e ti si serra lo stomaco, per la sua capacità di riportare alla luce gioie intime che la nostra memoria cela con cura in qualche anfratto dello spirito, gelosa custode di un Valore che la contemporaneità stenta a riconoscere.” (Ver Sacrum – Febbraio 2016)
Useful Contacts and Orders :
Albireon :
Palace of Worms :
Torredei Records :
The album could be purchased through Cold Spring, Old Europa Cafe, Cynfeirdd, La Esencia and Final Muzik aswell.


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“L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” release and live in Milan 23.01.2016

The new long awaited 6th full lenght Albireon album will be officially available on 07.01.2016 and will easily mark the highlight of their 18 years long career, with their most mature heartfelt neo folk songwriting ever.

Get your copy now through Palace Of Worms Records (  email : or Torredei Records (   email: ).

Albireon and both labels could be easily contacted on their facebook pages aswell.

Albireon will perform a special set to introduce the new songs at Athmos Cafe in Milan Saturday 23.01.2016, supported by young and talented italian neo folk act Umbra Aevi (see flyer for details).

Enjoy “L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” (Winter And A Kite)!

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“L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” Release Date 21.12.2015


Two years and a half after the very successful “Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli”, Albireon are back with a new work which could easily become the highlight of their discography.

Featuring emotional and melancholic neo folk ballads graced by a neo classic strings and subconscious ambient soundscapes, Albireon crafts a portrait of childhood memories, dreams and hopes, focusing this time on children’s special sensitivity and children’s unbearable pain in a world not protecting or caring for them as they deserve.

Songs as “Gli Aironi”, “Beslan 2004” “Kezia” or “Imbrunire” (the last one sang by italian darkwave legend Gianni Pedretti of Colloquio) will set a new standard in heartfelt Neo Folk music.

As usual, othe album ‘s artwork is based on Massimo Romagnoli amazing paintings.

Complete tracklist:

1. L’Inverno E L’Aquilone 3.37”
2. Sentieri Di Crinale 3.01”
3. Through Winter Fires 2.45”
4. Gli Aironi 5.05”
5. Imbrunire 4.14”
6. Costellazioni 4.01”
7. Kezia 4.02”
8. The Stolen Child 4.48”
9. Nel Regno Di Erevlost 3.14”
10. Park Of Silent Angels 3.38”
11. The Black Harbour 9.14”
Part One : Dead Calm
Part Two : On A Vernal Shore
Part Three : Ghost Ships
12. Beslan 2004 4.24”
13. Imbrunire (hide & seek version) feat. Gianni Pedretti 4.10”

“L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” (Winter and a Kite) will be first available as De Luxe Limited edition released exclusively by Palace Of Worms and will include:

-Special De Luxe Glossy 7″ (18×18 cm) Packaging featuring album artwork
-“L’Inverno E L’Aquilone” cd jewel case 13 songs with 8 pages booklet
-“Songs For The Black Sun-Demos 1999-2001” CDr with art cover featuring the 3 unreleased demos of Albireon
-Signed and Numbered postcards
-Some special goodies…

The item will be only available on pre-order to be shipped on or before 21.12.2015 and the price is fixed at 25 Euro + Shipping.

To order your copy send an e-mail now to or or you can contact Mr. Guido Borghetti on Fb aswell.

Standard cd jewel case edition will be available from 07.01.2016 on Palace Of Worms and Torredei Records.

Thanks for your support!

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“Through Winter Fires” new song 2015

We are proud to introduce a new song as a preview of the new album “L’Inverno E L’Aquilone”: enjoy!

We slept with butterflies in our hands
By morning they were gone
We dreamt daughters through autumn’s rain
By summer they came

I have been in camp sundown
With all my deepest hopes
I saw you in camp sundown
Catching dragonflies on the gravel road
Dreamt of you dancing barefoot in my childood’s fields
Dreamt of you my love playing hide and seek

Sometimes I wonder when we stopped dreaming
I wonder who will bring us flowers
Sometimes I wonder why
We are passing through winter’s fires
Through Winter fires
Through winter fires
Through winter fires

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